“Entepesi Kenya’s medical camp came at the right time when the community needed it most. I am pleased that Entepesi Kenya, from the start, knew the importance of  collaborating with the community, Ministry of Health, and all the legal offices to support these rural villages.”
-Jonah Simanka, local Community Health Administrator

Entepesi Kenya’s First Medical Camp & Training at Olbili Village a Success!

Last week, Entepesi Kenya (EK) in partnership with Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital (KMH), the Loitokitok District Hospital, and the local village clinic held its first medical camp in Olbili village, Kajiado.

We are grateful that 485 men, women, and children received medical services and training. They were served with preventative care services like deworming and immunizations, plus treatments for minor illnesses. EK and the partners used the opportunity to train the community members on family planning and visited Olbili Primary school & the neighboring  Leinkati village primary school to provide health education, deworming medicine, and HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer in young girls. 

Olbili Village

Olbili community has a population of approximately 300 men, women, and children, with only one clinic. Most of these people have to travel 14 Kilometers or more to access medical services. This leads the community to depend on uncertain rudimental/traditional methods of treatment or travel a long distance to the hospital, with the risk of wildlife attacks. The children suffer from a lack of necessary immunizations or malnutrition, and an inability to access health education, like family planning, and health sanitation. Subject to funding, EK has seen the need to hold monthly medical camps and training in this community.


We are grateful to our partners, Inchalai Health Dispensary (the closest local health facility), volunteers, and Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital (KMH) whose support is deeply appreciated and valued. KMH is located in the village of Kimana, Kenya at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. KMH serves a rural community where good, reliable healthcare is difficult to obtain. KMH aims to provide primary health care services and education in the spirit of the healing ministry of Christ.

We are incredibly grateful to all those who helped make this a success.


To support Entepesi Kenya in the November 26th medical camp at Olbili, Click Here.





Men, Women, & Children treated at the medical camp


Children Dewormed at School

(Olbili & Leinkati Primary)


Immunization & HPV Vaccines given


Children 0-5 years evaluated by the Nutritionist


Men & Women educated on Family Planning

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