Entepesi Kenya Partners with Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital to Support Staff Development

Last week, Entepesi Kenya (EK) partnered with Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital (KMH) to train its employees. The training took place over a series of five days and covered topics such as leadership, customer service, effective communication, conflict resolution, and workplace personalities.

The KMH team is highly qualified for their positions, but they also recognize the necessity of continuing to learn and improve their abilities in any manner they can. During these events, the staff were trained on skills such as empathic listening, customer service, conflict resolution, and more in the workplace.

“Providing exceptional health care necessitates collaboration and service excellence. To provide the greatest service for communities and individuals in need, Entepesi Kenya places a high focus on quality health care and education. As a result, we consider it an honor to collaborate with KMH to achieve this goal.”

                -Samantha Musyoka-Katia, Director, Entepesi Kenya.

Kilimanjaro Mission Hospital is located in the village of Kimana, Kenya at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. KMH serves a rural community where good, reliable healthcare is difficult to obtain. KMH aims to provide primary health care services and education in the spirit of the healing ministry of Christ.

The trainings focused on

  • Effective Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Myers Briggs Personality Training
  • Conflict Management & Resolution
  • Leadership Skills

Strengthing the Team

Staff from different departments enjoy discussing the topics from the lesson. 


The staff works together to come up with 3rd alternative solutions to problems. 

Circle of Influence

Learning about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (from Steven Covey’s Book) the team learns to focus on what they can control in crisis/problem situations. 


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