“Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us. The question is: Are you aware of YOUR impact?”  – Arthur Carmazzi

Medical Outreaches

are one of the ways Entepesi Kenya brings quality healthcare to all. Every medical outreach follows a fully integrated approach with nutritional screenings, blood pressure monitoring, medical personnel to diagnose and prescribe medication or give referrals, basic medications for treatments, and a station for health-related education.  

Health Education

is vital to improving the lives of the people we serve. It is also the number one way to implement preventative care. When the community receives education on topics such as sexual reproductive health, menstrual health, women’s health, hypertension, and nutrition, they are now able to know more information about their own bodies and health.  

Health Screenings

is another form of preventative care for the community. Not only does this program help identify those unaware of non-communicable diseases they have, but it also will help us identify those who have been diagnosed, but not receiving treatment. This program covers hypertension and in the future will cover diabetes and cancer screenings. 

Staff Development  

is another way Entepesi Kenya seeks to improve the quality of care to the community. By training and providing training to hospital staff on topics such as leadership, customer service, conflict management, communication, and personalities in the workplace, EK increases the quality of care being provided by the professionals. 

Mental Health

is a growing problem in Kenya that for many years has been a topic unwilling to be discussed. By growing awareness about mental health, more community members can seek further treatments before it becomes unmanageable. 

Sanitary Pads 

are an important necessity for girls during their menstrual cycle. Studies have shown that up to 65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary pads (Afri-Can, 2015). Entepesi Kenya will provide pads and assist in making pads more available for girls and women in need.


help prevent serious illnesses such as HPV or COVID-19. Entepesi Kenya ensures that vaccines are available during all medical outreaches.


help prevent the contraction of life-altering diseases such as measles or polio. Entepesi Kenya ensures these childhood immunizations are provided at each medical outreach.

Family Planning 

is important for any family. Without the knowledge of how to plan for children or pregnancy prevention, a family can find themselves with more children they can financially provide for. 

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