Entepesi Kenya (EK) Supports Developing Workers in Medical Camps at Zanzibar!

Entepesi Kenya (EK) Supports Developing Workers in Medical Camps at Zanzibar!



Developing Workers (DW) held medical camps on the Island of Zanzibar from September 3-9, 2022. Developing workers had a large team of 34 people but felt the need to involve EK to support the second-day clinic.

Zanzibar has approximately 30% of the population currently living in poverty. Even further, “66% of the children experience multidimensional (being deprived of things such as health, nutrition, education, and protection) poverty, while 35% are affected by monetary poverty” (Unicef, Understanding Child Poverty in Zanzibar).

Multidimensional poverty prevents access to basic needs in a child’s life. This is why it is incredibly important to approach the medical camps with a holistic approach. During each clinic each patient receives 

  • Nutritional evaluation: this screens for malnutrition in children, especially those under the age of 5;
  • Community Safety Initiative (CSI): this area screens for social-emotional traumas and evaluates each patient for a need for counseling, follow-up, and continued support. These cases screen for physical, emotional, mental abuses and outside trauma situations that need weekly or monthly support; 
  • Diagnostic evaluations by doctors and nurses: Alongside local physicians, the team of medical personnel evaluates and diagnoses the basic health needs. Referrals to local hospitals and further testing needed are also done in this part of the clinic;
  • Deworming & vitamins: each patient receives deworming medicine, vitamin A, a toothbrush, and a month’s worth of multivitamins;
  • Pharmacy for treatments: based on the doctor’s diagnosis, medicine is provided;
  • Spiritual counseling: each patient has the opportunity to hear the gospel and truth of Jesus Christ, and prayer is offered in case of need.

With a total of 11 full days of clinic each patient that came through received this holistic approach to health. The team was able to serve 1,465 men, women, and children for treatments, 78 of whom identified as needing social-emotional support and follow-up for the community safety initiative, and 52 people gave their lives to Christ. 

EK considers this another great success in partnership with the Developing Workers Team. Their unique approach to health aligns well with Entepesi Kenya’s mission and values. We are always excited to work with this group, and welcome other partners to work with us.

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